Medical Society Foundation Announces Scholarship Winners


The Lancaster Medical Society Foundation, a foundation of Lancaster City & County Medical Society, is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2020 Foundation Scholarships. These students have earned numerous academic and leadership awards, and they have been involved in research and clinical experiences.



Sheldon K. Amoo-Mitchaul


Amoo-Mitchual, of Mount Joy, is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and a first-year medical student at the University's Perelman School of Medicine in Philadelphia. Sheldon's desire to enter the medical field was ignited through volunteer experiences and witnessing first-hand his grandmother's debilitating condition.

"My grandmother suffered from a pain that was inherently hard to control, yet through the dilieThat ordeal cemented my desire to enter the medical field and I have sought out opportunities over the last few years that I believe will help me grow to eventually become a compassionate provider.” 






Joshua D. Pezzulo


Pezzulo, of Lancaster, graduated from Penn State University and is currently in his first-year at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University. He explains that his interest in medicine began to take shape during the summer between high school and college when he endured the deaths of two of his grandparents. 

"The stark difference between how my grandparents spent their last days ultimately ended up inspiring me early in college. <As a result of those experiences> I knew I wanted to understand a person's background and use that knowledge to better their life. As a physician that is an honor I would have every day.”




Heather Brubaker


Brubaker, from Lancaster, is a graduate of Ursinus, is a student at Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine in Virginia. She discovered her passion for medicine during a challenging time in her life.

"I was at the highest level of Junior Olympic gymnastics when one wrong landing took away my season. That injury changed the direction of my life.  At the time I had no set career path, but interacting with my surgeon made it clear, I wanted to help others like he helped me.




Darren Mast


Mast, from Lancaster, graduated from Mount Saint Mary's University and is currently a student at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. His interest in a career in health care began with a teenage injury, drawing him to a path toward physical therapy, but his passion for learning more about medicine increased while in college. 

"While shadowing and working in many different medical fields, I witnessed the sacrifices and commitment to the patient's overall health that it takes to be a prominent physician. I found that the pride and priority that physicians take in their interactions with the patients to be the most significant. An emphasis on commitment and sacrifices challenged me to think deeply about my love for the medical field, ultimately strengthening my desire to become a physician.”

Lancaster Medical Society Foundation scholarships are given to residents of Lancaster County who are attending allopathic or osteopathic medical schools. Applicants must demonstrate academic achievement, exhibit good character and motivation, and show financial need.
The Scholarship Foundation is generously supported by the Lancaster County medical community, through hospitals and health systems, group practices, individual medical society members, and local businesses support the fund.
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